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The Rise of E-Marketing and E-Advertising…Part 1


The marketing of products and services has been around in one form or another ever since the human population began trading. This was the catalyst for consumer and marketer relationships. Over the years, the methods of marketing have evolved from strategies to sell as much product as possible regardless of what consumers really wanted, to an in-depth understanding of who the company’s customers are and what their needs are.


The advent of the Internet and the rise of information technology has in parallel brought with it a completely renewed style of marketing that can be referred to as e-marketing. E-marketing is basically a method of marketing that focuses on the digital world which implements tools such as wireless media, the Internet and email.


An important factor of e-marketing is the management of customers’ information through digital means. Businesses are now able to expand their clientele base and offer services through a cutting-edge world of electronic business, more commonly known as e-business. Through this new world of e-business, many strategies have been explored to attract customers through e-marketing and e-advertising.


Over the past decade, media consumption has seen trends change significantly. It is these changing trends that have seen a radical transformation in the way companies market their products and how their patterns have changed towards advertising. Advertising over the Internet is beneficial for building consumer brand-awareness through information gathering and ongoing research. It also condenses marketing methods and research into interaction with potential customers by utilizing such tools as search, banner ads and email. This allows for individuals to be targeted through direct and personable communication, instead of traditional means where a mass audience is the main focus.


As no other medium has the capacity to utilize this unprecedented form of customer interaction, marketers and advertisers have embraced the technology on hand….


To be continued….

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