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【The Great British Summertime】

(Contributed by Will)
There are many ‘preconceptions’ and ‘misconceptions’ about the weather and climate in the UK. One notion is that it is always raining in Britain and often cold as well.
While it’s true that it does rain a lot – certainly a lot more than other nations – it’s also worth noting that we have our fair share of wonderful weather, too.
British summertime, however, is quite ‘fickle’ and the weather can change very quickly. Some days are ‘balmy’, some ‘temperate’ and others are nothing but ‘glorious sunshine’. But the weather can ‘turn’ very quickly, too. Many summers are cold, wet and grey, often feeling more ‘autumnal’ than ‘summery’.
It’s not unusual to see temperatures in the high 20’s and mid 30’s (degrees celsius/centigrade) in July and August, but it’s also not unusual to have days that only reach 10 or 11 degrees. Each year is different, which gives life some variety, but it also makes planning (for trips etc.) very difficult.
For us ‘Brits’, the variety of four seasons is very pleasing. We enjoy having a diversity of temperatures, a change in the colour of plants and flowers and the different colour of light during each season. So, when it does become hot and sunny, we truly do appreciate it, perhaps more than other nationalities who tend to enjoy many more days of sunshine per year.
We ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’!

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