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【Another thought on the media】



(Contributed by Kota)

I think last 2-3 weeks have been pretty rough for the world. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been pretty bad. Now, Malaysian Airline NH17 was accidentally/purposely shot by Pro-Russia rebels or Ukraine. This was very sad news. I do not understand why innocent passengers had to die for nothing.


The reports on these issues, once again, let me realize one important thing. I often see the media from different countries report such global critical issues in various ways. For example, British media has been reporting the Malaysian airline tragedy and the Gaza conflict as top stories. Likewise, American media has been reporting the news as a top story. However, Japanese media has some domestic news as top stories. As I am writing now, I see that British and American media have the NH17 news as their top stories. Japanese media has local news as their top stories. I also see another difference across media from various countries. I tend to see more real reports from British and American media. They show some strong images in their reports. But, Japanese media seem to tend to avoid such images.


I surely understand that Japanese media is responsible to report important domestic news to their audience. I also understand that they also avoid strong images since their care about audience mental health. But, I think they can do something different. If the Japanese government wants to educate their citizens to be real global citizens, I think the media wants to further emphasize some critical global issues like the Gaza conflict. Likewise, they want to show some strong images so that people really realize terrible and brutal things are happening in the world. What is your opinion?

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