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【Am I attractive in getting new jobs?】



(Contributed by Yuka)

Am I attractive in getting new jobs?


Am I attractive? That is a question. In my opinion, every woman wants to be attractive and feel good about herself. I am sure there are exceptions sometimes but for me that statement is true.


Recently several people asked me to apply for different job opportunities. They are saying they want a person like me, could I please call them back..

These new job opportunities appear to be very attractive sometimes, but I just started with this company.


Currently I work for a Japanese automobile company.” This company is big., Just for the factory employees, they have at least three to four hundred employees and regular workers like me, must be at least 200 people. That’s just at one location. We have another one in Ann Arbor office as well. Of course we have one in Nagoya Japan, too.  People in here have been so nice to me. If I change to another company I will feel so bad. Especially since I had a meeting with the big boss and he was saying that if I do my job well I can move up if I want to.

My husband thinks I should stay a little longer than switch, but my Dad in Japan thinks I should follow the money.

At this point since I started working full-time, I believe I am probably going to quit the public school job because the money At the school is half the income here. I can take this experience, whatever I learned from this company, to another company for more money in the future. But right now I am thinking to stay. Life can never be expected, and you never know what leads to what in the future.  One thing I know and they like, is I don’t give up so easily. I like to try hard for the best of my ability to do the job. This idea actually came from school. As a teacher we say to the student, ” you can be whatever you want to be” ” failure is a one who didn’t try your best” ” do the best you can” and kindergarten gym teacher would say, ” if you had a fun even you lost the game, you are the winner “I am just following those statements. It is a great feeling to be wanted and knows someone wants you. It makes you feel attractive and desired.



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