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【Culture Shock in Bulgaria】


(Contributed by Karl)
It’s been five years since i moved to Bulgaria, the memories over them years i will not forget especially adapting to the culture and traditions, nodding the head for NO, shaking your head left to right for YES, many times at the supermarket i would ask can you help me (in well spoken Bulgarian ???) you can guess how confused i was, and then the driving experience streets are very narrow and cars are parked on the pavements ,zebra crossing, anywhere they can, that goes for the police to, speed limits are not kept to evening in the cities, but the government are trying there best to sort it out, later in that first year i bought my first car, thinking what can be so difficult ,well here is the short version, takes all day,UK you can buy a car in 15 minutes if you want to.I class myself as a good driver no accidents in 33 years (touch wood) on one hot and sunny day i was coming back from the beach with my wife and came to a set of traffic lights , and the colour RED was on so as you do in the UK you stop,i see this digital countdown clock on the side of the traffic lights warning me when the lights will change, it got 5 seconds to go i checked left and right forward, back up and down to be sure there was no planes coming, all of a sudden loud beep from the jeep behind me with blacked out windows, it was 3 seconds to go, i stuck my hand out of the window like we do in the UK and basically said what your problem,to my surprise he overtook me and stopped me in the middle of the road, this huge man got out with a tailored suit and Gucci shoes and approached the car, told me to get out mmm i thought, i was about to get out and his jacket open in the wind , and there was a gun holster and pistol, sorry i said with my window closed, ahh you are English, yes i said, what is this finger gesture, oh we often do that when we say sorry , (getting myself deeper in it) my wife then took over the conversation as she speaks Russian Bulgarian, still trying to teach her English!! he calmed down and left, what did you say to him, told him you work for the British government i said what in a 15 year old car that is falling to pieces,well it worked, he belonged to the Bulgarian Mafia, i never have put my hand out of the window again , lesson learned in a different country.

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