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【Toronto and Natural Disasters】*要点説明あり


(Contributed by Mike)
For the most part, I think I can say that Toronto is blessed when it comes to natural disasters. Our position inland shields us from the worst of the hurricanes which occasionally travel up the US east coast and terrorize the Maritime provinces of Canada. Earthquakes do occasionally happen in the Toronto area (recently a pair of magnitude 5 earthquakes in 2010 and 2013), but neither of these caused any major damage. A list of earthquakes in Canada doesn’t include either of these incidents.
So Toronto hasn’t had much in the way of natural disasters, but 62 years ago, Hurricane Hazel struck Toronto. Over the course of three hours, Toronto received 90mm of rain water, which caused some rivers to rise as much as 8m! This caused widespread damage, washing away bridges and homes, and killing 81 people and leaving 4000 homeless.
This event was a wake up call for the residents of Ontario, and since then many precautions and systems have been put into place to prevent this kind of disaster in the future. This was tested in 2013, when a powerful storm dumped 121mm of water into Toronto, far more than Hurricane Hazel. Power went out in some parts of the city, and flooding of the Don River caused some train riders to be stranded in a flooded car. There were also a number of streets flooded in parts of the city. However, despite the severity of the rain, within 24 hours, Toronto had recovered almost completely.
It’s hard to say how Toronto will cope with other types of natural disasters. But at least when it comes to inclement weather, Toronto is well equipped to handle it.

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