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【Christmas in September】*要点説明あり


(Contributed by Mike)
Recently, Canada’s oldest company and department store, the Hudson’s Bay Company made the news in Toronto for putting out Christmas displays and Christmas merchandise. Of course, it wasn’t the fact that they put out the displays; rather, it was because they put them out in the second week of September.
The basement of the Hudson’s Bay department store in downtown Toronto is a popular thoroughfare for commuters. Many people pass through this area on their way to and from work, often grabbing a bite to eat or a Starbuck’s coffee along the way.
So it was no surprise when Toronto Twitter users began tweeting pictures of the displays. The overwhelming reaction was surprising. During the week that the displays were put out, temperatures in Toronto were still very summer-like, and for many, it seemed too early to be putting out Nutcrackers and Christmas trees for sale.
However, The Bay (as this company is called in Toronto) responded by explaining that September marks the beginning of the fourth quarter, which is the busiest time of the year for the retail industry, even citing some American polls that show that almost a third of US consumers start their Christmas shopping in mid-September.
Of course, The Bay is free to do what they like. For the company, it makes sense to capitalize on early Christmas shoppers, and perhaps remind people that the three months until Christmas will go by in a flash.
However, I think that most people are complaining that by putting out Christmas displays too early, it diminishes the spirit of Christmas in some way. Christmas is a time for families in Canada, and capitalizing on that feeling so early just seems inappropriate to some people.
As for me? Well I’m a terrible Christmas shopper, and I tend to avoid shopping malls and department store during that time of the year, so it doesn’t bother me one bit!
・カナダの老舗デパートのthe Hudson’s Bay Companyが最近、クリスマスの陳列を始めて、トロント市で話題になりました。

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