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(Contributed by Ben)
I sometimes wonder how we coped without YouTube (and other video services – Vimeo and Dailymotion, and the rest). If I need to know how to play a new instrument, or fix a washing machine, or braid my hair, someone’s uploaded a video explaining it in detail. A website could have told me, but a video can SHOW me, and that really helps.
And then there’s the original creative content. Vlogs (video blogs), and original comedy, animation and drama. Anyone with a phone or a camera can make their own TV shows and publish them online. What a time to be alive! I know some excellent Youtubers – musicians and magicians and comedians who use the service to find new audiences. Some people use it as a sort of advertising. They make comedy, or music, or magic shows on Youtube, and also perform them live in small venues – and people who enjoyed their material online go and see them in person (and vice versa).
It’s something I’ve been involved with for a few years. I help some people make and edit material for their channels. One of them posts a video every week, so we need to shoot a lot of episodes every two months, and then I’m left to edit them, adding special effects, animations and music wherever they seem appropriate.

I have a channel of my own, with music-videos, short films and that sort of thing. I’ve needed to learn and develop a number of skills. It’s not very popular, but I once met two ‘fans’ – strangers in a pub. I’d never met them before, but they walked over and said they recognised me because they’d seen all of my videos. It was a strange experience!

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