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【The Fall and Ending the Year】


(Contributed by Kelvin)


As the weather gets colder, we can easily forget how hot the summer was. Soon the leaves on the trees will be changing color and the clothes we wear will include heavier garments to help keep warm. Gone will seem to be the days of t-shirts, shorts, and other light clothing needed to stay cool during hot and humid weather. The Summer time produces memories as being a good time for fun on the beach and barbeques with friends and family.
The summer vacations are over and the start of the fall begins. For many, cooler weather allows more activity as there is no heat and humidity around to cause people to slow down. People take advantage of the cooler weather to do other things that normally are not done during the hot summer. This is partly due to the holidays that occur in the fall and enjoyed each year. A nice thing about holidays is that they mark the seasons with traditions that are looked forward to each year. These traditions help build great memories of times with family and friends.
In the United States, the primary holidays that are used to build good memories with family and friends include Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Christmas is in the official part of winter, but arrives before the heaviest of winter snow that occurs in the northern part of the United States. The year ends on New Year’s Eve that provides great celebration and other memories. It is the start of a great new year.
Thanksgiving produces one of the busiest travel days of the year. It is also a huge shopping period especially in the days following the holiday. Christmas is a time where nearly all businesses and schools are closed. These two holidays mark two of the most significant holidays of the year. There are other important holidays; however, these two have the greatest recognition as a time of great travel and people coming together.

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