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【Weekend plans】


(Contributed by Jackie)

Since the beginning of this semester my days have been extremely busy, from giving lessons in the morning till taking and giving lessons at night. My work week is from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 12 am for the past 8 weeks. I usually have Sundays off since the professor decided to assigned homework instead of actually going to class on that day. I am relieved that I have at least one day to rest and sleep in for a few hours in the morning, I call it my recharge day. This Sunday I have plans to go on a short road trip to a town in the southern west part of the island, Cabo Rojo or in English Cape Red. Cabo Rojo is a well-known coastal town famous for its beautiful beaches, Combate, Playa Sucia, and Boqueron which is one of my favorites. Its also known for its hotels and typical hang out areas that we call “chinchorros”. A “chinchorro” is a kiosk in which fritters and alcohol is sold among other typical Puerto Rican treats.
On Sunday I plan to visit this tourist town, I made reservations to have an early dinner at a very nice restaurant located inside a hotel. I picked that location for its beautiful since the restaurant is located near the beach and the tables are set pool side. I am really looking forward to visiting this restaurant and spending a lovely time with my family. I plan to try the stuff chicken dish with chorizo and plantains. After enjoying our meal I plan to walk around the beach to enjoy the scenery and watch my daughter play with the sand. I also want to take a lot of pictures of our family enjoying this beautiful day because on this day we are celebrating our four year anniversary.
restaurant view

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