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【我が母校 UC Davis】



UC Davis


In today’s blog, I would like to write about the school that I am attending: The University of California, Davis (also known as UCD).


UCD is in a college town named Davis in Northern California, right between Sacramento and San Francisco. It is a really cute place with lots of nature and greenery. I believe it has the largest campus out of all of the UC schools, but it is quite easy to go from one place to another thanks to the public transportation system that is available.


I have only been here for about a week, but it is simply beautiful and the weather has been lovely so far!   😉  

One fun fact is that Davis is well-known for being the “bike capital” of the United States.  There are—and I will emphasize this—SO MANY BICYCLES EVERYWHERE! I thought that Japan has many cyclists when I was living there, but after coming to Davis, it has definitely changed my perspective. Everywhere I look, I see people riding their bikes. There are many bike racks and even parking lots just for bicycles. I have never in my life seen so many people riding around at once; I am astonished.  😉  

I unfortunately am not a part of that bike group because I usually walk or take the bus to school and I drive my car when going to other places; but I really love the exercise opportunities that I am getting at this school.


If any of you have the chance to visit, please do! You will be able to see the differences between American universities and Japanese ones, and you will have a great experience. 😉

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