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【Travel Tips】*要点説明あり

Teacher Michi
(Contributed by Michi)
Hi everyone,
I hope you’re all doing well today! Recently, I’ve been preparing for my first trip to Korea – which has been very exciting for me! I wanted to share with you some travel planning tips that I’ve learned and used to help make this trip happen.
Learning as much of your travel destination and preparing a light bag that has still has everything you need is essential. I live in Florida, which has a sub-tropical climate year-round – I’m not really used to dealing with cold or even cool weather. It’s been crucial for me to do plenty of research beforehand to pack appropriately for the Korean autumn weather, which is much cooler than what I’m accustomed to. One of the lodgings that I booked is a room with a washer and dryer unit, so I can do laundry in the middle of my trip during my down time to save on some luggage space. Also try to make all of your luggage carry on to avoid check in fees at the airport!
On that note – If you’re traveling on a budget there are tons of great resources out there to help you save money. Staying at hostels, guesthouses and renting rooms at affordable B&Bs is a good way to save on financial resources, meet other fellow travelers and participate in free language exchange. If you like animals, you can also house-sit for free accommodations in exchange for pet babysitting services (there’s all kinds of interesting house-sits available all over the world!). If you have access to a kitchen, try cooking a few local dishes – that way you can connect with the culture while saving some money. Each region will have different money saving resources available, so once again – be sure to do your research and pack accordingly!
I hope this was helpful, happy travels everyone!





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