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【Television Broadcasting of the Future】*要点説明あり

(Contributed by Kelvin)
That’s a television producer I have been working for more with the new technology that has been embraced by the general population. Many consumers watch television via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. The content from these platforms are considered streaming because it requires viewing the content from the internet. The technical term is OTT which stands for over the top.
Today, many people watch movies that are free from YouTube. They do not watch A 2-hour movie by squinting at their smartphone for a long time. Many devices which connect to televisions enable content to be streamed to a high definition TV. In other cases the television itself is considered a smart TV which has apps that accesses Netflix and Hulu for example. Most of these devices have Vimeo and YouTube as an application to view content. They also have the TuneIn app where people can listen to radio around the world.
As a broadcast journalist and talk show host, I am producing my content by Web Conference which is recorded and then produced into a television show. The audio is used to create a radio show. One interview results in both a TV show and a radio show spread across eight platforms. This offers the ability to make a talk show distributed worldwide. One of our recent shows had one guest in New Zealand and another one in the Philippines while I was moderating the show from the United States. This is television broadcasting of the future.


・消費者の多くはNetflix、Hulu、Amazon Primeなどを使ってTVを視聴します。
・これらのプラットフォームによるコンテンツは、その視聴に際してインターネットを経由するのでストリーミングと言われます。技術的にはOTT(Over the Top)と呼ばれます。
・放送ジャーナリストとして、またトークショーのホストとして、私はコンテンツをWeb Conferenceを使って制作し、TVショーに作られます。



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