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【Changing Time of Mail】*要点説明あり

(Contributed by Kelvin)
Decades ago, the way people paid bills was to receive an invoice and write a check that would be placed in an envelope and sent in the mail. Today, billing is much simpler with internet technology. Setting up recurring payments and issuing payments via smartphone is becoming the new mainstream trend.
When email became more popular and text soon followed, the United States Postal Service was reducing the letter count it was delivering. The last common envelope sized content is a bill other than junk mail. For security purposes, many people are opting to turn off mail bill delivery by mail. It is easy to conduct billing transactions even with a smartphone.
The United States Postal Service is now focusing its attention on package delivery. It’s last frontier in business is to support that which cannot be done by a mobile device. Envelopes are still delivered however as junk mail and other forms of advertising still come in the mail. Other people have not kept up with technology and still receive bills and pay by check via the mail.
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