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【場所を表す前置詞 at, on, in の使分け】



Prepositions: at, on and in – places


When do you use at, on and in in relation to places?   This is a tricky topic but once you regularly use these prepositions in either conversation or written form, it does start to become a lot easier.



n  a position at a point:

                   Turn left at the next corner.

                   The plane stops for an hour at Tokyo.


n  an activity in a building:

                   She works at Starbucks.

                   There’s currently a good movie at the cinema.


n  a place people study:

                   She studies at Cambridge University.


n  group activities:

                   At the meeting, we presented our new designs.

                   At a soccer match, the footballers wear special football trainers.



n  a position along a route of a road or a river:

                   She lives on Times Street.

                   Paris is on the river Seine.


n  directions:

                   It is on the left.


n  the position on a surface:

                   Dinner is on the table.

                   There is a stain on the ceiling.


n  use of public transport, motorcycles, bicycles and horses:

                   There is space on the bus.

                   I will go on my bike.


n  the position inside a large area:

                   I live in Tokyo.

                   Let’s go for a walk in the woods.


n  a position in a line:

                   You are in a queue.

n  use of cars:

                   He went in a taxi.


Unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this list but overall, this does summarize the main themes of these tricky prepositions.

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