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【Favorite Japanese Dramas: My Boss My Hero.】

(Contributed by Justin)

School based dramas are extremely popular in Japan, and I have found a liking to them. Another one of my favorite Japanese Dramas is one based at school also called “My Boss My Hero” starring Tomoya Nagase. I cracked up so many times during this drama; the comedy was really on point.
The storyline was very interesting: A strong gang member with the skills to beat anyone up, but no smarts at all has to go to high school in order for his father to make him the Gang Leader. This was a great twist on school dramas. Nagase played an awesome role Makio Sakaki (he couldn’t even remember how to write his own name in Kanji). The show develops around him trying to hide his identity while in school and living his other life as a gang member. He learns the meaning of youth and friendship, things that he never appreciated before because of his lifestyle.
As I mentioned before, I laughed non-stop while watching this drama, but it also had some very emotional moments that can bring out some tears. I recommend this drama to some of my friends and they really liked it, so I can safely say that is a GOOD one to watch. I could probably watch it again and enjoy it just as much as I did the first time.

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