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【Favorite Japanese Dramas: Gokusen】

(Contributed by Justin)
I love watching Japanese dramas to learn natural spoken Japanese, see some of the culture, and enjoy the actual story lines. One of my favorites by far has been Gokusen, which I just watched around January of this year. I saw a preview of it and it really caught my attention. One reason is because I love shows that have women who are tough. I love the role that Yukie Nakama plays as “Yankumi” and how well she can fill the role of cute, serious, tough motivator throughout the whole series. I watched all three seasons including the movie and I must say I liked Season 2 the best, but they were all very amusing.
Sometimes I felt that it was way to repetitive, but I ended up enjoying the predictable scenes (high school thugs getting in a fight with the rowdy students in her class and Yankumi going to save them). I always died laughing when she would use gang speech and her colleagues would get quite scared. My favorite informal Japanese phrase that I picked up was definitely “Nandato temee?” 🙂
But overall, I found that this drama had all kinds of emotions which creates an awesome drama to watch.

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