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【Favorite Autumn Foods in USA】*要点説明あり

(Contributed by Justin)
I love being in the USA during the fall season. Fortunately I’ll be there right when the season is about to finish so I can enjoy some of my favorite dishes! Here are few of my favorite things.
1. All you can eat pancakes at IHOP. During the fall season, usually only in October, IHOP puts an awesome promotion for never ending pancakes. IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes, pronounced EYE – HOP. It’s one of my favorite places to go eat breakfast, or eat breakfast food for dinner. Their pancakes have a very unique flavor, topped with a delicious warm maple syrup and they really make you feel satisfied after eating them. The all you can eat promotion means you can eat, eat and eat some more until you are full. Most people of course can’t eat a lot of pancakes, but my record there I think was 10!
2. Sweet potato pie is another thing that I love during the fall / winter season. It is so delicious and people who really know how to make it well become my best friends! I like when it comes out perfectly moist, not overly sweet and with a soft and delicious crust. I could eat that about every day, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a healthy idea.
3. Pumpkin flavored or pumpkin spiced anything is another plus! I love Pumpkin pie (yes more pie), I love pumpkin spiced lattes at the local coffee shops, and my all time favorite is pumpkin spiced cheesecake! You can get this at a number of local restaurants and it’s to die for!
If you are in the USA during the fall, make sure to taste some of these local treats!

・IHOP(International House of Pancakes))にて、パンケーキの食べ放題。

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