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【Halloween and Holiday Season】*要点説明あり

(Contributed by Kelvin)
I remember when I walked the streets on October 31st collecting candy with my brothers and sisters as a little boy. It was a fun time to dress up and be able to collect a variety of candy that all children enjoy. One year I dressed up as a spaceman. I remember the costume had a light that turned on to glow the helmet that I was wearing. My sister wore a princess outfit as part of her costume.
Truthfully, as I got older I did not participate in Halloween as years ago the tradition of dressing up was for children. More recently adults dress up and attend Halloween parties as a way of having fun. I remember doing that with my wife’s family as we had a gathering several years ago. The idea of dressing up in a funny costume to represent something else is fun and enjoyable for a party even for adults.
Halloween is at a time of year when the weather really starts to get cooler and it is the start of November almost. The start of November is the beginning of the holiday season. During this month, the ever-popular thanksgiving holiday is celebrated usually during the fourth Thursday of the month of November. Approximate one month later, the United States is in celebration of the Christmas holiday season.

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