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【Student Teaching 】



(Contributed by Sylwia)


As part of my teacher’s college program, we are placed into high school in our district to observe real classes and do some teaching of our own. Every Wednesday and Thursday, my peers and I spend time in our respective schools. This is our second week there. So far, it has been quite an interesting experience. I believe that the theory we learn at school is always slightly different than the realities we face in the workplace, so it’s interesting to see how that plays out. At the moment, we are just observing our mentor teachers, but in two weeks time, we will be teaching the classes ourselves. To be honest, I’m quite nervous about this experience. I’ve taught in classrooms before but it’s always a bit nerve-wracking going into a new classroom (one that is technically not your own) and teaching a group of students, who range from unenthusiastic to asleep.


I’m nervous that I won’t be an effective and engaging teacher. At the most basic level, I’m nervous that my students won’t like or respect me. My first week of the practicum, I felt a little awkward being a new person in the room, not knowing what I should do. I, somewhat, felt like an intruder. Last week, however, was more comfortable. It was nice when students would call on me to help them during their activities or if they had a question. I began to feel like a more included member of the classroom. It also reminded me just how much I enjoy helping these students out. Although, I’m quite nervous about teaching my own lessons, I am excited to be a larger part in the students’ education.

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