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【My Dad’s Retirement Party】*要点説明あり

(Contributed by Ben)
This weekend, I went North to visit my parents, because my dad was retiring. He’s been a medical doctor since the 1970’s, and he’s 64 now.
My parents arranged a house-party to celebrate. They invited friends and neighbours. They didn’t invite any of my dad’s colleagues, because the medical practice had already held a ‘work do’ (a work party) to celebrate the retirement a few days earlier.
In the end, 40 or 50 people came. My parents live in quite a big, tall house so there was space for everyone – just!
The arrivals were very casual. Everyone knew it would run from 2.30 til 5pm, and people ‘dropped in’ whenever they liked. Every few minutes the doorbell would ring, and another guest or two would come in. There was tea, and cake, and a lot of introductions.
My dad wasn’t expecting me to be there – my arrival was kept a surprise! I don’t visit my parents very often, but this seemed like an occasion I couldn’t miss!
I took a good camera with me, and made sure I took a lot of photos of everyone who came. I put all the best photos up on Facebook, and they’ve been quite popular with the guests.
I’m sure my dad will be happily retired. He’s still very active and very busy – he writes, and he acts in plays, and he’s on a number of boards and committees. My mum still works – she’s self-employed as a watercolour painter. They’re both as busy as they want to be.
It’s very strange when your parents retire. It makes them seem old. My parents don’t look especially old, and many people are surprised that they’re at retirement age. It’s rather strange and frightening to realise my generation is the working generation – and realise I’m not just a child.

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