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【Resumes and Job Hunting in the USA】

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(Contributed by Kelvin)

Resumes are scanned by software and selected based on a search criteria. This is why resumes aren’t written like books any more. They are written as if they are websites coded with search engine optimization so that they can be easily found in Google. A pretty attractive resume is not what sells you. The thing that sells you is the interview. The purpose of the resume is to get the interview and it must be selected from a mountain of other resumes. Gone are the days when HR managers flip through volumes of paper resumes. Often, online applications require candidates to enter information that is relevant to a search criteria. That is how resumes must be written. Today’s resume is designed for the machine for searching.
Although education is important, it’s relevance to finding a job has changed over the past few decades. I have a Master’s Degree in Education so for me it was considered important. It has shown value as far back as the 1980’s. Today’s generation demonstrate education from learning on the job and other workforce education opportunities. This may include on-the-job training or specialized certification or licensing training.
Years ago, education information was listed at the top. A young person would be looking for a job and the only major experience is their education prior to having any major professional experience. The churn in today’s business has the workforce applying for positions long after formal education and after professional education has accrued. The most recent experience is relevant to a hiring manger so the skills needed for a job may be more important than the education that has long since past. For this reason, the education of today is no longer listed first. For online applications, the education for many companies is not entered first. This does not mean the education is not important. It means that what a hiring manager first looks for may not be the education.
The job hunting arena has changed over the years. Today’s news talks about
・Unemployment Rate
・Increase/Decrease of private sector employment
・Predictions of job gains or losses
・Economic Growth based on a Jobs Report
・Wage gains/decreases
・Labor Department warnings with “dreadful, “grim”
・Stock Market effects on Jobs
Hiring managers of today have a much greater volume of resumes from candidates competing with each other. The labor market today has a noticeably greater amount of competition of candidates for the same job. It’s the candidate that must take advantage of today’s resume style to get the interview.


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