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【Using Social Media】

Contributed by Kelvin)
There are a variety of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so many more. People wonder which social media site provides the greatest reach to the general population. One way is to determine which site has the largest number of subscribers. Many years ago the site that had the largest subscribers was Myspace. Most people don’t even know that the site exists as a media sharing site today. That has since been replaced by Facebook as a popular site. The site that brought on the use of hashtags is Twitter. The popularity of hashtags was expanded to Google+ and Facebook.
It is difficult to determine which site has the best reach. They are used differently. Some social media sites are not specific, for example Goodreads is for readers and authors. Rather than choose the social media site that has the largest number of subscribers, it may be best to find the site that’s best for your individual needs. In addition, it is also useful to use more than one social media platform. Many organizations and businesses combine the social media benefits of Facebook and Twitter. Individual professionals use those too and also add LinkedIn and Google+.
The use of social media sites to provide a benefit for a business or for a personal Outreach takes time. The best recommendation is to choose a social media site that you are comfortable with using on a regular basis and pay attention to that. This would only require downloading one app to your cell phone and also using the web-based version when a laptop is available. The idea is to make the use of a social media site simple. As time goes on you can expand to other platforms.

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