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【What goes bump in the night.】

(Contributed by Brian)
In October as the darkness encroaches upon the last remaining light of summer people begin to celebrate all that is nasty, dark and little bit scary. We celebrate this at the end of the month in the UK on October 31st on Halloween.
Halloween once known as All Hallows eve, traditionally in the Christian faith this was a time to celebrate the departed, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed. Since then Halloween has lost for the most part it religious significance and has now become a time of ghoulish celebration. There are lots of parties and entertainment these days, and becoming less so the art of trick or treat, as this seems to be loosing popularity (going to peoples house and asking for candy).
Nowadays people love to have parties and watch spooky films or play games, and often dress fancy. Of course, you have to come as something you would not normally wear, now usually this could be of zombie, a witch, a vampire, werewolf or even spectre. But don’t worry with the evolution of Halloween comes more elaborate costumes with the inclusion of popular characters such as superheroes, just like Captain America, Batman or Iron man.
Usually if you have small children you might take them to a Halloween party to have fun socialise, and eat lots of chocolate, generally out of good taste, there is nothing too scary and the event is usually at a fellow parent’s house and they end at a sensible time. Most adults have gone the same way and have nights filled with fun and frolics with home cooked food to make the event a little distant from what you would expect at a kids party.
Sometimes at elaborate parties there may be performers and party games to boost the entertainment value of the event; which is nice, as it is clearly encompassing the best of both Hallows eve and Halloween together and it is a homogenisation that works well for most people.
There are in England an annual event such as very scary attractions where you can be terrified for a nominal fee (usually walking around a pre-constructed maze, having zombies and evil things jump out at you!) Also, things that belong in Halloween sometimes slip into Christmas time, as at Christmas time the performing of the Woman in Black is a popular British ghost story that is told about this time.
So I bid you a good day out there, whatever you are! (mwhahahahahaha)

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