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(Contributed by Will)

So, the season is changing or ‘turning’ to Autumn at the moment. In America, of course, they tend to use the word ‘Fall’ instead of ‘Autumn’, which is from old ‘Germanic’ languages and probably refers to ‘the FALL of the leaf’ (in other words, describing how leaves FALL from trees at this time of the year).

A great word that we use around this time is ‘Autumnal’ [‘or – TUM – nul’]. This describes the moods, atmosphere, colours and weather of Autumn. ‘Autumnal’ can be used at other times of the year when the weather is more like Autumn. For example: if there’s a day during the summer when it should be hot but it’s actually quite cold and grey, we could say: “it’s quite autumnal today”, meaning “it looks/feels like autumn today”.

Other good words used during the Fall are ‘crunchy’, ‘underfoot’ and ‘leafy’. ‘Crunchy’ refers to the SOUND that dry leaves make on the ground (after they’ve fallen from trees) – we think that when you stand on dry leaves it makes a sound like ‘crunch’. You can use ‘crunch’ as a verb to mean ‘to stand on something that makes a crunchy/dry sound’. For example: “We crunched the autumn leaves underfoot” – ‘underfoot’ here, simply means ‘under your feet’. ‘Leafy’ simply refers to having or showing a lot of leaves.

There’s also a noticeable difference in the amount of light and sunshine around this time of year. In English we say that “the days are getting shorter”, meaning “the amount of daylight is reducing every day”. As well as shorter days, we also have “long/longer evenings”: “I love the long evenings at this time of the year” means “I love having more darkness every day (especially when being comfortable at home)”.

One of my favourite words that gets used more often in the Autumn/Winter seasons is the word ‘cosy’ [‘KOE – zee’]. It describes a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation, especially one felt at home. We tend to think that being at home on a dark and cold Autumn evening is very ‘cosy’, especially if you have low lighting, a warm fire (or something similar) and your family around you.

I for one, am looking forward to long, autumnal evenings, spent at home being cosy!


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