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【Christmas Has Started! もういくつ寝るとクリスマス!!】



 Christmas Has Started!

Whilst pottering around Cambridge in the UK the other day, I was rather surprised to hear one of the regular Christmas pop songs being piped through one of the shops.  Yet, I dismissed this initial sign that the run-up to Christmas in December has already started.  After all, it’s still October, and we haven’t even had Bonfire Night and Halloween yet.   It couldn’t possibly have already started…could it?


Earlier today, my partner of many years asked me what I would like as a present for Christmas.  He then proceeded to explain that he had heard the DJ on the radio this morning announcing how many days there are to Christmas.  Hence, the countdown to Christmas has begun!


There is still a reasonable amount of time to start preparing for Christmas, so I’m not sure why the countdown to Christmas starts in autumn.  Alas, it doesn’t stop me pondering over what I am going to buy for all my loved ones this year, as well as making a mental note to buy lots of wrapping paper and Christmas cards.  I have even started a mental Christmas grocery list too.


For me, Christmas is a special time for my family and loved ones.  This year, I am spending most of Christmas Day with relatives, including a number of young children.  I can’t wait, as not many things are better than seeing young children ripping off wrapping paper and getting overexcited with all their new toys.  That is something well worth counting down the days for.


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