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【Las Vegas!】

(Contributed by Alana)

Last month, I went on a long-awaited vacation to Las Vegas with some friends. We had been trying to plan this trip for almost four years and this year, we finally had a week that worked in all our schedules. All of our birthdays are in the summer, so we went in September to celebrate them together.

It was a fantastic trip. We ate lots of delicious food, saw some great things, and had a wonderful time. The weather when we were there was much hotter than I’m used to. On our second day, the high was 41 degrees Celsius. Las Vegas doesn’t have a lot of humidity, so it’s a dry heat. But that day, we spent eight hours outside by the pool. I think we all may have had a little sunstroke by the evening!

We also got to spend some time gambling, although none of us won the jackpot. We spent most our time playing roulette on the machines, because it’s an easy game to play and we didn’t have to spend too much money. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re at the casino!

On our last day, we took a bus tour to visit the Grand Canyon. It was five hours away from Las Vegas, but it was worth it! It was much bigger than I expected. It was difficult to see the other side of it and terrifying to look down. We visited the South Rim, which is 5000 feet high. We had beautiful weather and were able to take some amazing pictures.
I definitely recommend Las Vegas as a fun place to travel. I hope to go back again in a few years to try some different experiences, like watching shows or maybe taking a helicopter tour. There was so much to do there and I’d definitely need more than a week to accomplish it all.

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