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【Halloween back in the Day】

(Contributed by Justin)
A long time ago I used to celebrate Halloween as a child. I remember always dressing up in my costume, getting ready to go trick-or-treating with all of my neighborhood friends. It was the most highly anticipated holiday for most children (and probably still is).
I can’t remember what I use to dress up as prior to one costume that I wore for about 3 or 4 years straight – a vampire cape. All of my friends always dressed up as something different each year and as the time came around to ask what we were going to be for Halloween, I would say “the same as last year.” My focus was on getting as much candy as possible, not dressing up as something cool and exciting every year. Plus my parents said they were not going to spend money on me each year for a new costume, so I had to deal with it anyway.
The goal for candy was to fill up half or three-quarters of a pillow case. That required a LOT of trick-or-treating. So in order to accomplish this goal, I had to go through my neighborhood with my friends, and then hit up a neighborhood nearby with my older brothers. Can you imagine a pillow case full of candy and chocolates? The candy lasted me and my brothers for about 2 or 3 months each. A kid’s dream come true – CANDY GALORE!

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