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【Family Dinner】

Theme:Jackie, 家族

(Contributed by Jackie)

Several weeks ago my cousin was in Puerto Rico to celebrate her birthday. She decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday at Villa Montaña Resort’s Eclipse Restaurant. This restaurant is located in front of a beautiful beach, where we enjoyed the view of the beautiful sunset while waiting for our dinner.

Family Dinner

This well-known resort is located in Isabela, Puerto Rico, which is about 10 minutes away from my house. Isabela is a coastal city famous for its beaches, a lot of surfers from the United States come here to ride the waves as they say. A lot of tourists come to this hotel during the winter months to escape from the cold and enjoy the tropical climate.

At the restaurant we talked and chat about my daughter’s upcoming baptism, we also talked about our plans to enjoy a spa day the following day. We decided to go to the Spa in the afternoon of the following day since I had already purchased a coupon for thirty nine dollars that included a lot of relaxing massages and techniques to release stress. Our time at the spa was great, I was able to get a full body massage for a fraction of the cost.

The food was delicious I order a brick oven pizza and my mother order my favorite steak, churrasco. I had a bite of her meal and felt a little jealous that I didn’t order that for myself, the steak was succulent and the side order of vegetables rolled in what I thought was pita bread was to die for. It was so great that I plan to go to that restaurant again to order that dish. After we finished our meal we shared a coconut flan and we said our goodbyes and planned to see each other another day.

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