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【Bread for Trick-or-Treats?】

(Contributed by Justin)
A memory that I will never forget as a child is when I once went trick-or-treating with my big brother and some friends. We already had a bunch of candy and chocolate, and our trick-or-treating adventure for the night was coming to an end. As we are reaching one of the final houses for some more treats, I noticed there was a bunch of bread rolls on the driveway and on the grass. My brother and I figured it was some strange new way to decorate the house for Halloween.
Anyway, as we reach the door we all shout, “Trick-or-Treat!” The guy who comes out says, “Well don’t you all look scary. Here are some treats.” To our surprise the man pulls out a bag of bread rolls and starts putting them in our treat holder. I was completely flabbergasted, I mean, COMPLETELY FLABBERGASTED. I couldn’t believe he was giving the children bread for Halloween.
Well, the obvious happened. We followed the trend and threw our bread rolls on the ground right on his driveway. It all made sense. Since the man gave out bread, which was not a treat, he got tricked with a load of bread all over his property!
Good times. Good times.

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