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【Work Dreams are the Worst: Restaurant Version】

(Contributed by Justin)
Have you ever had a work dream? They usually always go bad and it seems like a nightmare. I used to commonly have these when I was in the states working as a waiter.
As a waiter we hate to get what’s called ‘in the weeds.’ This means that you have a ton of people to wait on all at once. For example, all at once you get a party of 4 at one table, a party of 2 at another and party of 6 at another. If you can’t handle it well then your customers will start to complain and stress you out. Then you start running around like a chicken without a head. Once the customers complain, it will most likely affect your tip.
Sometimes after a long night at work I would go to sleep and continue dreaming that I was at work in the weeds! All at once I would try to wait on like 10 tables and then run around completely stressed out! Customers would complain, I would forget to bring their food, and usually spill food on them or something of the sorts. It’s horrible! It feels like I keep working all night long without getting any rest.
I’m not sure why they always turn out to be bad, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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