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【Work Dreams are the Worst: Online Teaching Version】

(Contributed by Justin)
The work dreams continue even with my online English teaching job. They too of course always turn out to be bad and seem to be like a nightmare. I don’t tend to have these as often as the restaurant dream, but they come around every so often.
As an online English teacher we have to be in class ten minutes before the hour and make sure we are ready for the class. Well for some reason in my dreams I always end up forgetting about a class and then I end up going to someone’s house and logging in from another computer. Once I log in, the class is almost over and the students all start to complain and say things like, “I want my money back,” and “This teacher is the worst.” So then when I try explaining what happens, the computer freezes or my internet goes out. Something that really could happen in real life, but that ALWAYS happens during my dreams.
These usually happen as pre-meditated dreams. For example, I usually have to set my alarm to get up early for my lessons. Since I go to sleep thinking about that, I dream that the following morning is already happening and then management gets upset with me. It’s definitely interesting. Maybe one day I will have a work dream where everything goes perfect. That would certainly be nice.

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