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【Not Crazy, Just Expecting】

(Contributed by Kelly)

While I do have 5 children it has been a long, a very long time since I was actually pregnant. However, one of my closest friends is expecting in about 6 months give or take a few weeks. I truly forgot just how emotional we women get during this time. While many of us will cry during a sad movie and at certain time even at a really touching commercial, pregnancy makes us pretty much nuts.

I went out to lunch with my girlfriend two days ago and it was an experience. We were having a great time and after ordering our lunch we were laughing and enjoying ourselves. She ordered a hamburger, simple enough, right? Well, apparently not. She can’t eat mayonnaise anymore because it makes her ill so she ordered her burger without any thing on it so that she could put her own toppings on it. She also told them no pickles. Needless to say the hamburger came out all wrong in fact it had ‘special sauce’ on it; Mayo, ketchup, and pickles. She went from happy to angry to sad back to angry and then began to cry. The poor waiter wanted to run and cry himself and I was trying not to laugh. I know it’s not nice but I couldn’t help it. I asked her why she was crying and she said that she was crying because she was so hungry and didn’t want to wait for a new order and she was angry because she was hungry and crying. I signaled the waiter to place another order and while she cried about how insensitive the cook was for putting mayonnaise and pickles on her burger (like he did it intentionally to upset her) and how men in general were insensitive, they managed to make another burger PLAIN. When the waiter set the second burger on the table she said “oh, thank you!” Stopped crying and began getting her food ready. The waiter asked, very carefully I might add, “Are you okay, do you need anything else?”

“Oh everything is great! I am fine. What would make you think something is wrong?” My friend asked with a big hug smile…

I couldn’t help but starting to laugh at loud. The look on the poor kids face was priceless. She did manage to make it through the rest of the meal without any more tears but needless to say I had forgotten just how sensitive a pregnancy could make someone talk about multiple personalities.

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