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【Tele Something at 5am】

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(Contributed by Kelly)

Another wonderful tele-wakeup call!

So, I am pretty sure as of today I have more numbers on my “Blocked” list than I actually have contacts on my phone. Seriously people just won’t accept that no actually means no. What really gets me is the switching phone number tactics company’s use these days. You get one number to stop calling you and they transfer it to another number, but it’s the same company. Hmmm pretty sure I asked to be put on the “Don’t call me ever again list” yet this morning bright and early, 5 a.m. early my time they called me from heavens knows where to discuss lowering my mortgage payment.

First of all like I would ever discuss my finances over the phone to a stranger, let alone to some man who is clearly reading from a script and having a really hard time doing that!. So I politely say “thank you, but I am not interested” I did really! , that politely too.

Did he listen? Of course he did (NOT), he just went to the second part of the script. Something about it not costing me anything for them to tell me how much I could save..blah blah. To this I responded the again I was not interested, please take me off the calling list and by the way it was 5 a.m. where I was what would possess them to call people so early. He said “but…” I cut him off said no thank you I am going back to sleep good by hanging up now. Hung up and put the number on my auto reject list…

So why am I going on about this, no reason in particular except that I miss the days when auto generated phone lists were not provided to every person in the world. I have an unlisted number and yet they still get it, just an observation but there is something seriously wrong with that.

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