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【Cats 猫大好き!!】





Hello everyone! How is everyone doing these days? I hear that typhoons are still often approaching Japan. Please stay safe everyone! J


Today, I would like to write a blog post for those animal lovers out there—specifically cat lovers! Those who know me may have heard that I absolutely LOVE cats, and they are my favorite animals ever! Well, after tigers that is.


So today, I just wanted to give all of you some information on cats that I thought was quite interesting.   

First of all, did you all know that most kittens are born with blue eyes, which turn to different colors as they age?

Or, how about the fact that cats are unable to taste anything that is sweet. This is funny to me because my cat back at home really loves to eat ice cream, cake, and whipped cream, which then makes this fact very surprising to me. I would’ve never guessed! I wonder what my cat is tasting then, when begging for more sweets!

I love this fact: when the eyes of a cat are closed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is tired.  It is a way to express that they are comfortable with you or that they love you. I think this is very cute! And you can show them that you feel the same way by closing your eyes slowly at them, too. Every time I see a cat now, I am sure to do this to them to show them that they do not have to be afraid of me. It works out well, actually J


Those were some of the interesting facts I liked about cats. Thanks for reading, everyone!

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