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【ニューオリンズご紹介 Part 2】



New Orleans—Part 2


If you ever go to the French Quarter, make sure you stop by New Orleans’ most famous café. They have fresh and delicious French donuts! It’s a great place for lovers of sweets! You can order the donuts to go and eat them by the ocean. It’s a very popular place in the French Quarter to visit, and it’s always packed!


You can also listen to live jazz music while you enjoy your coffee and donuts! There are many stores to shop for souvenirs, pralines, and French donut mix (so you can even make donuts at home). You can enjoy New Orleans’ finest pralines at almost every shop that you walk into. Also, don’t forget to buy some Cajun spice mix. It adds wonderful flavors to your dish! If you’re a fan of curry powder and spicy food, you will love it!


Next stop is the infamous Bourbon Street. You will see many shops and bars! Make sure to try New Orleans’ most popular alcoholic beverage! It’s a delicious drink with a hint of lime! It tastes super refreshing! It looks like a tall hand grenade in neon lime color with an adorable face on the base of the grenade. It’s recommended for adults who like to have some fun while they’re in New Orleans. They are sold at most bars on Bourbon Street, but make sure you’re older than 21! You will need to show your photo ID to purchase drinks. I took my drink back home with me to keep as a souvenir!

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