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【ニューオリンズご紹介 — Part 3】



New Orleans—Part 3

Bourbon Street is a good place for adults who want to experience the wild nightlife in New Orleans. So make sure you are old enough to have fun, otherwise you might not like it as much. I remember when I was a 20-year-old; I wasn’t able to have fun and party like I might have been able to in other countries. So many places had age restrictions and I couldn’t even go inside a bar.


There are bars and clubs for people 18 and older or others from 21 and older. They will need to take your passport or ID away at the entrance, and keep it until you’re ready to leave. I remember that they put a HUGE letter “X” on both of my hands to mark that I am under 21 years old with a permanent marker. It took me 3 days to get it off, and I felt so embarrassed showing my hands in public.


Also, there were police everywhere outside the clubs to prevent fights and illegal activities from happening. I thought that was so interesting and different from Japan. I saw 3 or 4 police cars parked outside with their lights on. Even with police cars outside, I saw some people fighting and arguing over a girl.


Also, you’re not allowed to drink outside in public in the States. You will get arrested if they catch you with an open alcoholic beverage in hand. So many people put their drinks in brown paper bags to hide them from the police. You cannot have alcohol in your car either. It’s illegal to carry opened bottles of alcohol in your vehicle. So, you better watch out for these things when you go to the States!

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