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【ニューオリンズご紹介 — Part 4】



New Orleans—Part 4

No matter where you go, you will hear jazz music and run into jazz musicians in New Orleans. I have been enjoying going to dinners and restaurants with live music! They are all great musicians! You can tip them if you like. Sometimes, you can request a song for them to sing if you tip them enough. It might be fun to surprise your date or propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Or, you can even celebrate a birthday while you’re in New Orleans.


Now let’s talk about Voodoo! New Orleans is known for Voodoo and black magic. I get so many questions like “What is Voodoo?” so let me start by explaining what Voodoo is. First of all, Voodoo is a religion. There are two different kinds of Voodoo: Rado and Petro. Rado Voodoo is viewed as a peaceful religious practice, while Petro Voodoo is seen as dangerous, and it is also known as black magic. In Petro Voodoo, some practitioners are often obsessed with creating zombies and death curses.


There good and peaceful Lwa (Voodoo spirits) that represent the spirits of dead loved ones who are happy and at peace. However, Petro Lwa are spirits with mean elements that are often blamed for some of the bad things that happen to individuals and families. For example: health problems, financial issues, mental problems and even death.  Some people visit New Orleans just for its Voodoo. A lot of practitioners wear a scarf-like veil around their nose to hide their face in public.

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