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【Health Check: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】


(Contributed by Takashi)
Do you go for regular medical checkups?
My employer organizes annual medical checkups/physical examinations for its employees. At the checkup, doctors and nurses measure our blood pressure, run blood and urine sample tests, and take various measurements such as weight and body fat percentages.
I have been receiving regular company physical checkups for the past 20 years.
How often do you checkups?
I get checkups every three months.
I get checkups once a year at work.
In fact, I haven’t received a regular medical checkup for a long time. Now, I plan to get one offered by our city for free next month.
How can you reduce stress in your life?
I reduce stress by going shopping.
I try a number of things to release stress. For example, I have started going to a local sports gym. When I go there, I work on strength training by using various equipment.
I also take a yoga class. I like yoga because it allows me to release stress through mental peace and physical exercise.
Thanks to these activities, I now feel more relaxed than before.
Are you afraid of needles? Why?
Yes, I am afraid of needles because they are painful/they cause pains.
I once had a bad experience. I got bruised in my arm after getting a shot. Ever since, I have become nervous about needles inserted into my skin.

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