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【Cool as a Cucumber】

(Contributed by Ben)
The Summer is my favourite season. A lot of that is because of the temperature and the long daylight hours. Another big reason is that Summer is the best time for cucumbers.
I’m pro-cucumber. I’m very much in favour of these long green vegetables. (I suppose I could call them long green fruits, because they have seeds). They’re healthy, they’re refreshing, and they add a bit of moisture to otherwise dry meals.
I don’t like my food to be too dry. If I’m eating some pasta and sausages, I’ll add a few slices of cucumber. The green will brighten up the plate, and the texture will add crunch, and stop it all from seeming too dry. If I’m eating a pizza, when I take it out of the oven I add a slice of cucumber to each slice of pizza.
It won’t make the pizza damp (a fairly negative word for something wet) – it will make the meal succulent! (a much more positive word for something wet or juicy). None of my friends seem to understand, but I believe it makes it ten times better.
Cucumbers are in season from May to August. That’s when they’re best. Summer cucumbers are good and solid and they can last for over a week. Of course, you can buy cucumbers all year round – but Winter cucumbers are horrible. They’re floppy, and they go bad quickly. And even worse, you can taste them.
Now, I love cucumbers, but I don’t like the taste. That’s why I only have very thin slices of them – to get the moisture without getting too much flavour.
I don’t know anyone who shares my passion for cucumbers. Everyone else seems to find them yucky. But there is one positive phrase about them. If someone is ‘cool as a cucumber’ it means they’re very calm, even when this is surprising. If your house is on fire and you don’t panic, or over-react, but very calmly gather your things and leave as if everything was normal, you’re being as cool as a cucumber.

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