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【Flight Home: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】


(Contributed by Takashi)


What was your worst experience on a flight?

My worst experience was two years ago, when I took a flight to Guam.

The plane I was on went through a severe storm. The turbulence was very violent and the plane shuddered on and off for almost an hour.

We were jostled in our seats the whole time.

The planed often suddenly lifted and plummeted repeatedly.

Finally, when the plane landed, it hit the runway very hard. It shook us passengers violently.

All in all, it was such a bumpy plane ride.

There was a mother and her small baby taking seats directly behind me. And the baby kept crying although the mother desperately lulled the baby to sleep. Just like the baby didn’t, I couldn’t sleep at all on that flight.

What is the best airline you have ever been on? Why?

The best airline I have ever been on is ABC Airlines because they are the most punctual airline company.

Also, their cabin crew were the most friendly and attentive. They responded to all my requests with smiles.

Because of that, this airline has been voted number one by business travelers many times.

Which is the worst airline you have been on? Why?

The worst airline I have ever been on is XYZ Air because they lost my luggage last time I used them.

I think XYZ Air is the worst. Their prices are very expensive but their in-flight food is terrible and flight attendants are always rude.

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