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【ニューオリンズご紹介 –Part6】



New Orleans—Part 6


Now, I would like to talk about some food that is very famous in New Orleans.


First are desserts called snowballs.  Snowballs are balls of shaved ice in cones, topped with bright-colored syrup! They’re very delicious! You can choose from sweet or sour syrup, and they come in many colors and flavors! ‘Rainbow’ is my favorite snowball flavor! It makes your tongue turn brown after you’re done!


Next are pralines. Pralines are confections made of brown sugar, toasted pecans and candy. They’re so delicious, and you will become addicted to them after trying one!


Next we have Cajun cuisine. Cajun cuisine is named after the Acadians (also known as ‘Cajuns’) who settled in New Orleans after emigrating from Canada. An authentic Cajun meal is usually prepared in three pots: one pot is dedicated to the main dish; another is used to steam rice, specially made sausages or some seafood dish; the third one contains whatever seasonal vegetables are available.


The next dish that I would like to introduce is gumbo. Gumbo is a dish that originated in Louisiana during the 18th century. It consists of stock, meat or shellfish, thickener, vegetables that are in season, and it is seasoned with strong herbs.  It’s similar to Japanese curry.


Last but not least, I would like to talk about my favorite fast food restaurant chain that can be found in Louisiana and Mississippi, and its first restaurant was opened in New Orleans.  It offers delicious fried chicken tenders with amazing Cajun fries. You will not want to miss them when you visit New Orleans!  You will want to try their amazing mustard-flavored dipping sauce with them too!

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