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【Giving directions: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
Have you ever been lost in a foreign country?
Yes, I was lost in the Netherlands.
Yes, I was lost when I was travelling in the Philippines.
I was lost during my visit to Busan, South Korea.
I have been lost many times while travelling abroad. But, every time that happened, I always managed to find my way and eventually arrived at wherever I was going to go.
I have never been lost no matter where I was visiting since I started to use the GPS function of my smartphone.

Do you remember getting lost as a child?

I often got lost when I was a child.
For example, I got lost in the department store or in an amusement park all the time.
Whenever that happened, a kind stranger reported me to the staff of that place.
Then, they would announce my name and what kind of clothes I was wearing. After a while, my parents would show up worriedly and pick me up.
I don’t think I was ever lost when I was small. I was very timid at that time. So whenever I was out with my parents I always stayed very close to them.
Have you ever given directions to a foreigner in Japan?
Yes, I have given them directions to many places.
Yes, for example, I taught how to get to Tokyo Station to a Chinese tourist yesterday.
I have given directions to foreign tourists many times, but it has never been easy.
I always try my best to give them the easiest way for them to get to their destinations.
But what usually happens is that I always come up with better ways sometime later than the directions I gave to them.

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