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【妖精と妖怪 (14)】



Yōsei to Yōkai

By Reuben Rodriguez

Chapter 14:  Reunion


           Petalline forgot the last time she was such in a cheery mood.  Vermkin was once again at her side, dragging his blood-encrusted spiked club as she fluttered through the air, while Vermkin trampled through the brush.


They made their way to the strange yōkai creature that they had tied up against a tree.  It hissed at them as they approached, but Petalline only smiled and raised her hand. As she did, a green flame exploded and engulfed her. “Now, be a good little monster, and tell us where you’ve seen creatures like me…the children of Oberan that can wield magic like Man wields a blade.”


              The amphibious little wretch only hissed further until Vermkin raised his club, and it began to crouch back in fear.  “I know not any creatures with magic or children of Oberon…” Vermkin struck the tree with his club; the spikes on it tearing off huge chucks of the tree leaving large gaping holds in it.  The Yokaiyōkai began to shiver. “…But I’ve heard of some fair-faced children in the north.  They’re small like you, and they’re skilled fishermen. They trade with the humans, and THATS ALL I KNOW! So let me go!”


Vermkin swiped the rope with one of the sharp spikes of his club, and the yōkai quickly hopped back in to the river. As they began walking away, it poked its head out of the water as the current carried it away. “But beware the flying tengu that darken the skies, the oni that shatter the mountains, and the akuma that scorch the Earth.” As it drifted further and further away, his voice slowly faded into the darkness. “Safe journey travelers!” He began to laugh maniacally. “S…a…f…e…j…o…u…r…n…e…y…..”

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