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【Becoming a Teacher】



Contributed by Sylwia

I enjoyed university but by the time my fourth year rolled around I was aching to get out and start being, what I termed, “a person of the real world”. I had no idea what I wanted to do and no direction in life. At that point, I was only focused on my Euro-trip at the end of May. After my second year of university, I spent a month studying abroad in the Czech Republic and met one of my close friends, who would accompany me on this trip. We became enamoured with the city of Berlin after spending a weekend there and vowed to come back post-graduation. And so, we did. It was amazing! We met so many new people and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was truly where I needed to be. Travelling gave me a sense of adventure, of belonging, and of freedom that I always wanted. I dreaded going back home.

However once I got back home, it was like a gift from God presented itself on my bedroom desk. My mom left a brochure from my university advertising the TESOL program. By the end of this program, you would get a TESOL Certificate, which allowed you to teach ESL to adult immigrants in Canada and also to teach EFL in different countries. This was my ticket out! I thought to myself that through this program, I would be able to spend my life travelling while supporting myself financially. If I ever got sick of travelling around, I could always come back to Canada and teach ESL to adults. After eight months and thousands of dollars, I was TESOL certified and a newly hired teacher. Thus began my journey into education and teaching.

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