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【Cold Fronts and Rainy Weather】

(Contributed by Justin)
Well rainy season is here in Honduras since October. It’s been an excellent rainy season compared to last year’s rainy season when we hardly had any rain at all.
The rainy season here is considered winter, even though generally it doesn’t get that cold. However rainy season brings in cold fronts form other areas, generally from the north.
For example, two years ago when I was living on the beach, a cold front came in that lasted for about three days. But it also brought lots of strong winds, heavy rain and low temperatures. I think it was the coldest I’ve ever felt here in Honduras. But I was so confused that I didn’t know what to do. Usually it’s hot all year long in my side of the country, so I didn’t have any jacket or long pants to keep warm. I had to go out during the storm one day to buy such articles.
This year the mornings and nights have been quite chilly. It’s been dropping down to 21 degrees in my area. This may not sound to cold compared to other areas, but the breeze makes the house pretty cold. This is especially because no one here uses a heater. The best thing though is that I have hot water in my shower. Throughout the year we bathe with cold or room temperature water because no one has hot water heaters, but these cold mornings call for a nice hot shower.

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