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【How I Started My Life in Japan—Part 3】



How I Started My Life in Japan—Part 3


As I started to get used to reading and writing in hiragana and katakana, I was able to participate in some classes with my classmates more frequently, although it was still quite difficult. The speed of the curriculum was very fast for me, and my knowledge of Japanese vocabulary was still nowhere near the students of my age. However, being able to learn new Japanese words—and also having the chance to teach my new friends English words in exchange—was a great feeling. That was probably one of the most enjoyable experiences in my elementary school life.


As April came, I then (once again) enrolled in the 5th grade and became friends with people my own age. I loved how open and accepting the kids at my school were of me; and to this day, I appreciate each and every person I had the chance to encounter.


When September arrived, I moved to the next city over named Hagi, and made lots of new friends there as well. One thing I really like about Japanese schools is that there are fun activities, such as Field Day (Undoukai), where the entire school participates. I had never experienced anything like that before, and I still love the fact that Japan has lots of activities where many people can team up together and have fun.


In April of 2003, I moved to Kyoto, where I started at a new elementary school once again. Things were rough in the beginning, but as time passed, I made great friends and had an AMAZING school year. I am very pleased that I spent my last year of elementary school there. There were so many unique experiences that I truly believe I would not have been able to experience, if I had not gone to that specific school.

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