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【ニューオリンズご紹介 –パート 8)】



New Orleans—Part 8 

Some say that Buddy Bolden and his band gave birth to jazz in 1895. Others say it was when Nick LaRocca and his record label came out in 1917. But jazz is considered a “living” thing that can evolve over time, which was a famous sentiment of Ferdinand “Jolly Roll” Morton.


New Orleans is a melting pot of all kinds of music, where European classical music meets African rhythms. This transitioned to dancing in Voodoo, and it spread out to many places. Then, when Papa Jack Laine’s band played music with a “ragged time”, the music was such that it created a “swinging” rhythm; this style then gave birth to various musical styles.


The multicultural environment and atmosphere made various kinds of music, which was based on jazz. It started with African slaves who sang and harmonized; when they were freed, they started to play brass instruments along with other musical instruments, which became various types of music.


Today, there are many jazz musicians, and one of the most famous white jazz musicians is Harry Connick, Jr., who has also become famous among other notable jazz musicians. So, it shows that music knows no bounds, color nor gender, and New Orleans is the place that proved this. Jazz mixes everything together to create the best, just like gumbo… New Orleans is where it came from, and it is the best place to see the new creations!


Jazz tells a lot of stories, histories and legends. It shows that music can make people equal. Slavery was a tragic part of the history, but the slaves got through it with music. 


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