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【Autumn Activities: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
What crops are harvested in autumn in Japan?
Crops such as rice and wheat are harvested in autumn. There are at least three more typical autumn crops in Japan. They are sweet potato, pumpkins and chestnuts.
Rice must be mentioned first among all autumn crops we have in Japan because rice is our most important staple food.
Other autumn crops that are often on display at grocery stores are persimmons, gingko nuts and matsutake mushrooms. Finally, although it’s not a crop, pacific saury, which is known as sanma in Japan, is considered a typical autumn food in Japan.
What is your favorite thing to do in autumn?
I really enjoy eating seasonal food in the autumn time.
I enjoy playing various sports in fall. I particularly like vigorous sports like soccer and rugby.
I like to read in fall. Traditionally, fall is associated with reading and studying because of the comfortable weather. People are supposed to focus on their intellectual activities in this season.
What do you think about autumn?
I really like autumn because the temperature is cool and the air is dry.
I like fall because it is a good season for outdoor activities such as running and hiking.
Fall is my favorite season because it is not too hot nor too cold. Because of this, my work productivity increases in fall.
I love fall because there are many kinds of delicious food available. Particularly, I love eating sweet potatoes baked in fallen leaves at this time of the year.
I don’t like autumn because it tells me that winter is not too far away.
I don’t like autumn very much because it is the busiest time of the year for me at work.

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