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(Contributed by Sharan)
I was reading today about an actress who said she didn’t realise she had a, ‘career’, as such, she was just having fun.
She navigated through her business life making decisions based on the option that she would enjoy the most.
I thought this was an interesting concept. Although, certainly not new. It goes back to the Mary Poppins philosophy of, “find the fun and the job is done!”
Within certain countries, and in uncertain times, stories of scarcity, lack, and fear can crush the ability to dream, have fun moments, and reduce our enjoyment of everyday life.
However, up-and-coming generations are starting to surprise and delight me in many ways. They are continually thinking of community projects, team-building, and really finding innovative ways to bring people together online. It is also close to one of the major principles in Indian culture.
Therefore, it’s a good idea to follow the young and the wise, and take a leaf out of their book. As the year is nearly drawing to a close, it’s almost time to reflect and set a new path.
It’s almost time to be more optimistic, find the fun in everyday moments again, and appreciate the beauty that continues to surround us.
To really engage, and bring back the passion, something that is easy to lose, when we focus on the cold weather, shorter days, and chilly long nights.
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are coming, and what a great time to be alive, and be working for a company as great as this one.
Thank you to the whole team at V-English, who are always supportive, kind and full of passion.
Thank you also to all of my lovely students, who continue to surprise me with their brilliance.
Until next time keep smiling.

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